Pipeline To Bonnyville From Cold Lake Debate

Bonnyville has requested to have a pipeline built from Cold Lake to Bonnyville. Bonnyville says that their water resources from Moose Lake has a unpleasurable taste to it. Bonnyville says that Cold lake has enough water to supply 65,000 people with water. Cold lake people say that it's just too expensive to build. The pipeline costs about $61 million dollars to put together.

The Cold lake council denied the town of Bonnyville to enter mediation over building a pipeline to supply Bonnyville with Cold lakes water. "There is no despute between the city of Cold lake and the Town of Bonnyville. The despute, if there is on, is between the city of Cold lake and the Alberta Enviroment." Hubert Rodden of the Cold lake council said.

Cold lake doesn't want a pipeline to go to Bonnyville because if Cold lake is drinking the water as well as Bonnyville, eventually if both are drinking out of the lake then the water level will go down. There is a stream running into the river and it has a big sand bar and if the water level goes down then that sandbar will become permanant. If the sand bar becomes permanant then the fish will be blocked off from getting into the lake. The fish will eventuallly die and the fish population will decrease rapidly.

The Cold lake Regional Utilities Service Commission (RUSC) voted to withdraw the proposed pipeline from Cold lake to Bonnyville due to the cities concerns over lake levels and downstream users. The vote to withdraw the pipeline passed by a 4-1 vote during the RUSC meeting at the Cold lake city hall. Debra Pelechosky from the RUSC chair said. "Alberta Environment may need to come and do some further studies to see what other impacts will be." In addition to concerns over water levels and the effect on downstream users, Pelechosky said the province has been sending mixed signals regarding the effect a pipeline would have on the water treatment plant's capacity.

Bonneville is still fighting to have the pipeline from Coldlake to Bonneville put in and Coldlake is fighting back. This debate is still going on today and it has not yet been decided whether they should or should put the pipeline in. This Debate has been going on for over a year.
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