Bonnyville and Cold Lake water issue

Breaking news I have just received an important bullitin! Bonnyville wants Cold Lake water. Apparently this small town has poulutted their first main source of water. But that’s not all their secondary source of water is nearly ruined. Moose lake is nearly non potable. The swimmers itch in moose lake is responsible for the poulution of moose lake Now if you ask me I think that cold lake should learn to share. But on the on the other hand, Bonneville is responsible for the poluotion. And if Bonneville started using cold lake for drinking then the water level could rapidly decrease and kill the fish. I know a restaurant by the cold lake lakeshore, and they use fish fresh from the lake. And I do love their fish it would be a tragedy if we lost
that delicious fresh fish. So I am taking Cold lake’s on this one because Cold Lake can only support so much. And if they started sharing with Bonneville then the entire lake could be depleted and then there would not be enough water to support life. And not to mention that Bonneville and Cold Lake are almost 50 kilometers apart. But just because I take Cold Lake’s side in this situation doesn’t mean you have to. In this short article I hope that I answered all your questions. Now I have but one question for you. Whose side are you on?
Tom-E Hobbs

Cold Lake Sunset